If There Were A Netflix Original Series About The Homebodies Who Sit Around Watching Netflix

As a person who stays in a lot, Netflix has become a staple of my life. However, in watching countless shows I’ve noticed that they’re never about homebodies. There’s never a Netflix Original series about the type of person who often sits at home binge watching Netflix Original series’. At first this realization rubbed me the wrong way, but I decided to explore a hypothetical stay-at-home based TV concept and immediately realized that it wouldn’t make for particularly exciting storytelling. Don’t believe me? Peek your head into a parallel universe where there’s a Netflix Original series called ‘The Homebodies’:

Would this have any shot at six seasons and a movie?

Y’see, something tells me this might not last for six seasons and a movie, but then again I have at least 100 more potential episodes & synopsis, so there’s no lack of ideas. Perhaps I should contact Netflix to sign off and give me a budget to make this show? Yep, I’m gonna do that — anyone know their email? Probably NetflixOriginalSeriesIdeas@gmail.com. Yeah, that sounds right, so I’ll just holler at them and  let y’all know when ‘The Homebodies’ is inevitably available for streaming.

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